Jessica Simpson in Platform High Heels

Jessica Simpson in high heels is always a treat to my eyes. The girl has some seriously nice legs. They aren’t skinny. They are toned and have shape from the top of her thighs to the back of her calves. So I came across this photo of Jessica performing for a morning show. She’s belting out one of her crappy songs and showing off a ton of leg. I like her platform high heels. Anyway, I dig Jessica Simpson. She’s pretty and has the best legs in the music biz I think. You know this is a girl who maximizes what she has. Her legs aren’t the longest around, but they damn sure rank among the shapeliest.

Jessica Simpson

2 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson in Platform High Heels

  1. Julie

    I love your blog! Check out mine at Although it’s not just about heels, it’s about fashion and beauty in general. I would love to list yours on my blogroll if you would want to list me on yours?


  2. onlyinhighheels Post author

    Hi Julie. Thanks for coming by the blog. You’re up. Your blog is very informative. Cool stuff. Thanks for offering to put this mess on your blogroll. And if if you ever find yourself in a pair of heels, send me a photo as I’ll be happy to objectify you in the blog, assuming that pretty girl is really you and not some chick’s photo that a 37 year old dude, living with mommy, scraped off a Swedish MySpace page.

    ‘bama born and raised by the way. Moved to GA after attending the Capstone. Wound up skooting further north to TN, where I’m hanging for now.


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