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Apologies for posting another set of Marisa Miller photos so soon after the one a couple days ago. I wasn’t aware then that I could find photos this good of this gorgeous woman so soon. I’m not certain that another female homesapien looks as good as this one does right now. Every body part is perfect. From her beautiful smile, her long hair, natural full boobs, long shapely legs and amazing ass. It’s like someone put together the perfect fem-bot. And you know, I saw her interviewed on TV one night and she was pretty cool. She was smart and engaging.

These photos were from her appearance at Spike TV’s Guy Choice Award. She was in some category called Hot ‘n Fresh. She was up against Meagan Good. I have no idea who that person is. She’s going to have to bring her otherworldly game to defeat Marisa. Enjoy the two views. Had to give the front view for obvious reasons. The side view just looked hot with her in those sexy high heels.

Marissa MillerMarissa Miller