Anna Kournikova in High Heels

Nice seeing Anna Kournikova out and about. She couldn’t play tennis for shit but she looked good trying. Real good actually. I’m not sure what she’s famous for now. She’s really not pretty enough to model, but I give the body an solid ‘A’. She’s not a tennis player anymore that I know of. I guess she’s famous for being the hottest tennis player for a couple of years. The thing I love about female tennis players is you can count on them to have spectacular bodies. You can’t run around the court all day the way they do and not have nice legs and ass. It’s impossible. Even the most suspect of attractive female tennis players still have great legs.

Here’s photos of Anna dragging along some tennis rackets while wearing a very short skirt, tank top and sexy high heels. This is a good look. And yes I like objectifying the back of a woman’s leg in high heels.

anna kournikovaAnna Kournikova

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