Marisa Miller in High Heels

Marisa Miller in high heels is almost not fair. This is a woman who gets paid to model and wear high heels virtually all day. If she’s not wearing them for sexy photo shoots she’s being photographed in them at various events. Lucky for us she probably never gets a chance to take them off except when she is on the beach for swimwear modeling. I think this woman is one of the sexiest babes around these days. I guess I’m not alone in that observation since she was voted #1 in the Top 100 Maxim list. I don’t know anyone this side of Charlize Theron that can compete with Marisa’s beauty and gorgeous legs. And sorry to say but Marisa’s curves compete much better too. It’s my job as objectifier to point these things out.

That said, this photo is amazing. There is something, well everything, about the back of a women’s legs in a pair of high heels. Given that Marisa is wearing a barely there dress makes it even more incredible. I’m not sure how I will be able to top this in posts to come.

Marissa Miller

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