Fergie in Red High Heel Platform Shoes

Seeing a lot of Fergie lately. She seems like a pretty cool chick. She appears lively and happy. And why not? She was a nobody that made it to the big time. She’s a popular singer. Has a hot actor boyfriend. And is a desired female among most men. The girl would seem to have it all. What I like about her is her insistence in pretty much flaunting her sexuality. She has a great body and usually has a pretty good sense of how to decorate it. I came across this photo on one of my blog stops today and thought she looked pretty posing like a crane. The photo was taken at the Sex and the Shitty premiere in NY. Not crazy about the dress but I’m guessing it was chosen to go along with whatever SATC theme was happening. But Fergie in red high heel platform shoes is distracting enough to forget the unfortunate dress choice. That whole outfit and look could change to a worst dressed nightmare if she was wearing some sensible shoes.


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