Another Gwyneth Paltrow High Heels Post

Photos of Gwyneth Paltrow in high heels are almost as common these days as rain in Scotland. And that is nothing but a good thing. I usually don’t like to keep repeating myself but when you are looking as good as Gwyneth has been lately there is really nothing for a female objectifier to do but acknowledge the efforts. As long as she is looking as beautiful as she has been, and is sporting sexy high heels on those fantastic legs of hers, then she will always have a place on this stupid blog.

This photo I believe was taken in Cannes. I love the dress. Who knew Gwyneth had such a nice bum? Guess I should have. If you have legs like she does, the bum usually follows. She just looks lovely with her hair swept up on top her pretty head. It is revealing in just the right places. I love how she looks in it. The shoes. They aren’t her typical 6 inch towering high heels that she is known for wearing a few weeks before but they are lovely nonetheless. I’m not certain I dig the big buckle on the toe, but otherwise they are sexy. Well done Gwyneth.

Gwyneth Paltrow

3 thoughts on “Another Gwyneth Paltrow High Heels Post

  1. ALATA

    Thanks to those sweet ladies to give us so much pleasure beeing sexy on high heels. If only we could find similar goddess in our common stree. Pls take example and we wont do nothing but admire you !!! An high heels fan

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