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This is Fergie. I’m not a fan of pop music. And I haven’t been much a fan of this Fergie person. I guess she has a real name but I am not interested enough to find out what it would be. So Fergie it is. Here’s the thing: Until recently, I just never had much interest in objectifying her looks. I thought, sure she’s a pretty girl and has a nice body, but so does everybody else this side of Jennifer Hudson in pop music. But I’ve seen a couple of really nice bikini photosets and other glamor sets of the Fergie. I’ve started to come around. She’s sexy. Not in the timeless beauty that say a Monica Belluci is, but she is certainly no Britney. And I noticed her bum. Her butt. The ass. Sure there are big round bottoms like Kardashian’s rolling around, but Fergie’s is so much nicer. It appears firm and taught. A dancer’s ass. So what got me excited about Fergie are these photos of her performing in liquid leggings which coincidentally shows off that ass. And of course no ass in liquid leggings is complete without stepping into a pair of funky high heels. Well-done Fergie.