Christina Aguilera Cleavage Baring and Leggy in NYC

Christina Aguilera is one of those chicks that I have an up and down interest in. I don’t care for her music. Sometimes I see her and I think she’s hot. Other times I think she’s not. These days I’m enjoying those post pregnancy breasts she’s toting around. They are enormous. Milk and silicone really does a body good. Christina has apparently been staying in NY following that Dior show this past weekend. The bloggers got all excited after seeing her in this cleavage baring, leggy dress mess she was wearing the other day. It obviously shows a lot of cleavage and leg so it’s all good where I’m concerned. The shoes are rather ordinary I think for Christina but they are pretty sexy nonetheless.

Christina Aguilera

One thought on “Christina Aguilera Cleavage Baring and Leggy in NYC

  1. tj

    I like her but she doesn’t know how to wear high heels at all. She puts them on but seems to strugle to walk in them. Just sayin. Anyways you can’t just put on a pair of heels just because you like them. You have to know if they are going to compliment you leg and feep shape. And remember, Just because you like those shoes that doesn’t mean that they like you.


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