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I must confess I know very little about Heidi Montag other than she is a sexy looking blonde chick. I’ve never watched a second of The Hills. And it appears that her boyfriend is a bit of a d-bag. All that said, she is very pretty and has a great body. This photo caught my eye as she has on some of the sexiest high heels I’ve laid eyes on today. Coupled with her tight and right jeans, it’s a sexy look. The other lady in the photo is apparently her mom. The lady has nice legs. Too bad she didn’t dress up those gams with a pair of heels. Hate that her d-bag bf has to be in the photo but you take what you can get. There haven’t been any solo photos of Heidi in this outfit of hers. (ed. I found another photo that is much better without the d-bag.)

Heidi Montag