Lindsay Lohan Has Great Legs in Stockings and High Heels

Lindsey Lohan has released her own little line of leggings. Given that Jessica Simpson’s line of shoes and accessories netted the Jessica Simpson empire (did I really just type that?) a cool 300 million last year, it’s no wonder other starlets want in on that action. But please. Leggings just do not do it for me. Though I gotta say that LiLO looks OK in this photograph. I’ve never been a big fan but this gal isn’t Jessica Simpson. Not that anybody asked me to compare the two, it just seemed inevitable. But hey, love the shoes LiLO.

Lindsey Lohan in her leggings

5 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan Has Great Legs in Stockings and High Heels

  1. Randy

    There is something about her, I never get tired of looking at her and she does have gorgeous legs and she don’t have to have heels. She takes some great photos. Oh yeah up top is looking pretty good to.

  2. robert

    lindsay you are gorgeous that movie that you gonna make on lifetime television I will watch it you know what I don’t care what they say they have they act like nobody else is been in trouble but nobody’s perfect everybody drinks in everybody smokes so who cares I love you lindsey I’m your fan


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