Carla Gugino Has Great Legs Wearing a Tight Silk Dress and High Heels

Thought I’d bring an oldy but goody forward. Here is Carla Gugino attending some Louis XIII Black Pearls book party a couple of years ago. She is a favorite. Always decorating that scorching hot body in something sexy. I’m glad the photographers were able to get a shot of her without her jacket on. Her dress is incredible and shows off her very nice cleavage. Her high heels are pretty cool looking too. Straps and zippers on a stiletto heel. Very cool.



Nelly Furtado Wearing Sky High Heels at the Olympic Opening Ceremony

Nelly Furtado’s performed in incredible sky high heels the Olympic opening ceremony. Her gorgeous legs looked fantastic in a tight blue dress. But what really accentuated her looks were her towering, ankle strap high heels. Honestly it’s hard to imagine how she was able to maneuver in them but she made it look easy. It was a great performance in sexy high heels.

Nelly Fertado has sexy legs in sky high heelsNelly Fertado has sexy legs in sky high heels

Eliza Dushku Has Hot Legs Wearing a Little Black Dress and High Heels

Eliza Dushku shows off her sexy body wearing her little black dress and stilettos. She has a tight body and shapely legs that she keeps toned and in shape. She works at it. She likes to exercise and workout. I like that she is hot and seems to enjoy displaying her work. She is appearing here in her litle black dress and high heels for the Guess by Marciano and ELLE Event.

eliza dushku sexy legs in high heelsEliza Dushku sexy legs in high heels

Christina Aguilera Has Great Legs in Towering Satin High Heels on New Year’s Eve

Christina Aquilera is one of my favorite celebrities wearing high heels. She has the money and the style to wear some of the sexiest pumps and stilettos from favorite designers. She also has slim and fit hot legs as well. She looks nice in her perfect little black dress for New Year’s and a pair of gorgeous satin designer high heels. This is some good work.

Christina AguileraChristina Aguilera

Olivia Wilde Has Great Legs in a Strapless Black Dress and Red Stiletto High Heels

Olivia Wilde displays why she being recognized as one of the world’s sexiest women as she appears on the Tonight Show in a gorgeous strapless black dress and a pair of stunning red high heel stilettos. She has gorgeous legs. But then again she is distractingly beautiful anyway. She really did well in the genetic lottery.

olivia wilde conan red heels1olivia wilde conan red heelsolivia wilde conan red heels2

Eva Longoria Parker Has Great Legs in a Blue Dress and High Heels

Eva Longoria Parker continues to interest me. She looks fantastic in her form fitting blue dress and high heels. She hardly ever gets it wrong when considering her fashion sense and style. Always nicely decorated in outfits that show off her pretty body and always strapped into high heels that do a fantastic job of accentuating her toned and fit sexy legs.

eva longoria blue dresseva longoria blue dress

Amber Heard in Tight Jeans and Sky High Heels

Amber Heard is a cute and sexy woman. She is seen here wearing a very choice pair of tight jeans along with some maroon stiletto high heels that I dig very much. Nice to see some color strapped onto women’s feet fro time to time instead of basic black. She has a great body and obviously has gorgeous legs that are nestled comfortably in her form fitting jeans. Skinny jeans and high heels are the best.

amber heardamber heard1

Diane Kruger in a Little Black Dress and High Heels

Kind of bored with Diane Kruger. Trying hard to dig this woman. She is cute and sexy with a slim body. She dresses alright. But she’s simply a bore. Sure she has long and slim legs but they aren’t anything special. Virtually no muscle tone. No shape. Her high heels are kind of cool but there is just nothing special here for me. It’s good but not great with a ton of potential just laying there.


Cheryl Cole Has Gorgeous Legs in Suede High Heels

I have no idea who Cheryl Cole is or what exactly she does to get photographed. But she is a very pretty woman and has gorgeous legs. It made me happy to see that she is mounted in my favorite, which are suede high heels. Her thighs are toned and tight and have a nice amount of muscle definition. Just a perfect display of physical beauty.

Cheryl Cole Leaving A Recording StudioCheryl Cole Out & About In Los Angeles

Charlize Theron in Black Skinny Jeans and High Heels

It must suck being a star at times. Particularly a pretty one. Charlize Theron goes to the gas station and fills up her gas guzzler ( Her hero Obama will not be amused) and she still has the photomob taking photos of her. Theron is a head turning, drop dead beauty. She’s a lot of fun to look at. But isn’t it a bit weird to snap photos of her doing the most mundane of tasks? Of course I enable this madness by posting up the photos. She gets to fill up her expensive vehicle with the money she makes from people going to see her movies and buying the shit she promotes. I can’t decide if I feel bad for her or not. Nah, guess I could give a shit. She could walk away from this madness anytime she gets tired of it. I just like seeing a leggy blonde in tight jeans wearing high heels.I think it’s cool that she is out and about and still rocking the heels.


Rachel Zoe in Towering High Heels

I was searching across Twitter and came across this rather cool photo of Rachel Zoe showing off her sexy towering high heels. I haven’t a clue who this person is. She’s a celeb as far as I know and a rather cute one at that. Sometimes you get lucky and run across cool photos like this that grab your attention. I think this woman is cute and sexy and she definitely made me take notice with those shoes. Awesome.

rachel zoe

Heidi Klum in Towering Black Stiletto High Heels

I love models. They so know what to wear and how to wear it. They prance around in ridiculously high heels showing off their gorgeous features and expect to be objectified. Heidi has some of the sexiest, long legs around. And she is mounted in fantastic stiletto high heels. Solid black with a platform and a stiletto heel that must be all of 6 inches. These photos are  from her appearance at one of the Victoria’s Secret shops Tuesday. This is some good work. Heidi always gets it right.



Charlize Theron in Incredible Stiletto High Heels

Charlize Theron is wearing some of the most incredible high heels I’ve seen in weeks. These things are gorgeous and fantastically sexy. She’s at the “The Burning Plain” Premiere in Paris, France looking amazing as usual. Her dress is kind of ugly but at least it is cut short allowing a nice view of her long legs. But her stiletto high heels were what made me say “holy $4!7″. Extreme high heels usually don’t do it for me because they look more like stripper heels than a fashion statement. These shoes do it for me.




Lucy Liu Crosses Her Legs in High Heels

I still have a celebrity crush on Lucy Liu. I think she is a very pretty and sexy girl with a firm and tight body. She is a stylish babe that wears nice looking clothing that works well on her curvy body. This little black dress she is wearing is fantastic as it gives a nice view of cleavage and shows off her shapely gams. She always does a good job with the high heels as well and she doesn’t disappoint with these sexy platform stilettos. Love the leg cross too. Just makes for a perfect set of photos.



Kate Beckinsale in Black Leather and High Heels

Kate Beckinsale looks incredible in her tight black leather dress. It really does a fantastic job of showing off her gorgeous curves. She also has on black stockings that completely encases her lovely legs. Her high heels are the treat as they are strappy and have a very tall stiletto. I’m just not certain if I’m digging the bangs. She looks cute and sexy but I enjoyed her hair better without the bangs. She’s still hot.

kate beckinsale Kate Beckinsale