Charlotte Ross Sexy Curves in a Figure Hugging Floral Dress and Pink High Heels

I always enjoy seeing Charlotte Ross on the various event carpets. She has a fantastic body and great legs that she seems to enjoy showing off. I wish she’d find herself back on the TV. I assume her publicist keeps getting her red carpet gigs to keep her marketable but it’s time someone snapped her up and put her in their show. The sexy blonde is smoking hot in a low cut floral dress that does a nice job of displaying her curves and well toned legs in pink platform slingback high heels.

Charlotte Ross Charlotte Ross


Amy Adams Crossed Legs in a Little Black Dress and High Heels on Late Night Talk Show

Amy Adams appeared on Late Night wearing a sexy little black dress with sheer paneling and Christian Louboutin nude high heels showing off her sexy crossed legs. She has been making the rounds promoting her latest movie ‘American Hustle’. Have you seen the promos for this thing? Not only is Jennifer Lawrence in it and looking amazing but Amy appears with big red hair and stunning low cut dresses. Every single actor in this thing are extremely talented. It should be a good show. Frankly pretty much anything with Amy Adams in it I’ll be making the effort to see it.

Bonus pic of Amy after she made another appearance on Late Night wearing a spiffy pin stripe suit and incredible towering platform Christian Louboutin open toe high heels.

amy adams jimmy fallon amy adams amy adams

Renee Zellweger Elegant Leg Cross at Fashion Event

I’ve always liked Renee Zellweger. I’ve kind of miss seeing her on the various event carpets and in particular making the rounds for whatever new movie she is pimping. She hasn’t been seen much lately so that is why is was nice to see her and her sexy legs at some fashion event. She looks great in her little black dress and studded Christian Louboutin pumps. The woman knows how to present her gams. She wears stylish attire and sits up straight with her legs crossed tightly to show off her toned gams. See the chick in pink next to Ed Norton? Nice legs but she refuses to embrace her sex appeal and just lets them flop over one another. Not Renee. She knows what she is doing for maximum appeal. I will say that she works the edge of being too skinny at times but being an avid runner she never lets her muscle tone decline.

Amy Adams is Lovely in a Lace Little Black Dress and High Heels

Amy Admas ranks among my favorite actresses. She is a beauty with wonderful talent. She is one of the few actresses that I will go see a movie specifically for. She attended some THR event for the 2013 Academy Award elite wearing a sexy lace little black dress and nude platform high heels. The woman has a fabulous figure and toned legs and is always very stylish. She looked amazing.

Amy Adams Amy Adams

Renee Zellweger Shapely Gams in an Elegant Dress and Sparkly High Heels

Renee Zellweger hit the red carpet in support of the Fashion Group International Night Of Stars in NY. She looked amazing in a curve hugging gray dress and sparkly high heels that showed off her fit curves and shapely gams. Her legs looked incredible as she posed her way down the red carpet. Love the over the shoulder smolder she gives the camera as the photog grabs a photo from behind.

Sexy animal print fashion trends

renee zellwegerrenee zellweger


Elizabeth Banks Has Pretty Legs in a Short Dress an High Heels

Elizabeth Banks is making the rounds promoting some movie or something. She stopped by that crapfest better known as the Late Show with Letterman for a chat wearing a short black dress and sexy strappy high heels. This woman has pretty, long legs though I still wish she would spend some time exercising. There is virtually no muscle tone or definition in her thighs or calves. However, she is a stylish woman that does a nice job of showing off her figure. She’s enjoyable to see on the event carpets and other venues.

elizabeth banks legs

elizabeth banks legs

Eva Longoria Has Beautiful Legs in a Sexy White Dress and High Heels

Eva Longoria is promoting her book to all the media outlets this week wearing some very appealing outfits that are showing off her gorgeous legs. This tight white dress is sexy as it shows off her sexy cleavage as well as her beautiful legs for her GMA appearance. She has on a sexy pair of satin high heels that accentuate her legs as well. They are toned and fit and look amazing.

Eva Longoria Eva Longoria Eva Longoria Eva Longoria

Minka Kelly Has Sexy Legs in a White Dress and High Heels

Minka Kelly is one of the new Charlie’s Angels. Maybe the show won’t suck as much as I figure it will but until they yank it off the air it will be fun to check her out each week. She and the other Angels were filming the show wearing white sexy dresses and towering high heels. Minka Kelly has gorgeous legs. I’m not yet digging the other women, the blonde in particular since she is so skinny, but we’ll give them a chance.

Kate Gosselin Has Sexy Legs in a Little Black Dress and High Heels

I just never thought I would write Kate Gosselin and sexy legs in the same sentence. I don’t know much about this woman but she has gorgeous legs. She looks fantastic in her little black dress and gorgeous slingback high heels. The marital unit says she is not a very pleasant person. I don’t know about that but what I do know is that she has great legs in high heels. I saw photos of her a while back and she didn’t look so good. But now that she is single and getting some exposure from the paparazzi she has been keeping her body tight. And honestly, is there anything as sexy as a woman with beautiful legs wearing high heels getting out of a car? I’d say not many.

kate gosselin legs kate gosselin legs

Jennifer Aniston Has Beautiful Legs in a Pretty Dress and High Heels

Jennifer Aniston hit the road pimping her fragrance to the world wearing a pretty dress and strappy high heel sandals. The world certainly can do without another stinky bottle of celebrity perfume but it is always nice to Jennifer Aniston showing off her gorgeous legs in  high heels.

jennifer aniston legsjennifer aniston legs

Irina Shayk Has Beautiful Legs in High Heels

Irina Shayk is incredibly gorgeous. We all know this because she landed the cover of Sports Illustratedfor 2011. I’ve never heard of her before then but she seems like she deserved it. Plenty of curves. Nice boobs and long legs. She appeared on the late show promoted her cover victory and showing off her beautiful legs in high heels.

irina shayk irina shayk

Charlotte Ross Has Gorgeous Legs in a Mini Dress and High Heels

Charlotte Ross looks gorgeous in a short metallic mini dress and strappy platform high heels. She has a great body with long gorgeous legs. She poses on the red carpet for some stupid store opening in Hollywood. Only in Hollywood would pretty people show up, dress up, to celebrate the opening of a store. Irregardless of the shallowness and utter ridiculousness it is nice to see the hotness displaying their sexy legs in high heels

Charlotte Ross legsCharlotte Ross legs

Sara Jean Underwood Has Great Legs in High Heels

Sara Jean Underwood is someone that has come across my radar recently. Mostly from her appearances on AOTS have I started taking notice of this chick. She is pretty with a nicely enhanced body with long slim beautiful legs that look great in sky high heels, which she tends to wear. She can certainly rock the red carpet in a short mini dress and stilettos.

Sara Jean Underwood Sara Jean Underwood

Mila Kunis Has Great Legs in a Strapless Blue Dress and High Heels

Mila Kunis has been getting a lot of play lately from the glamour and celebrity sites. For one she is starring in a movie where she gives oral sex to Natalie Portman. That will definitely get you noticed. But really her raised status is more about her beauty and her fashionable style. She has a nice slim body with sexy legs. She is always mounted in towering high heels when she makes the requisite appearances for her movies which accentuate her pretty legs. She looks amazing in her strapless blue dress and high heels.

mila kunis blue strapless dress and high heelsmila kunis blue strapless dress and high heels

Katie Cassidy Has Gorgeous Legs in a Short Dress and High Heels

Katie Cassidy has long sexy legs and she does a great job of showing them off in short mini dresses and towering high heels. She looks great as she poses on the red carpet for some US Weekly event wearing a sparkly mini dress and satin platform high heels. She’s very stylish. Even her clutch bag is fashionable. She is a lovely woman. This is some good work.

Katie CassidyKatie Cassidy