Lauren Cohan Sexy Legs in a Short Sleeveless Mini Dress and Ankle Strap High Heels

Lauren Cohan has beautiful toned legs. She made an appearance at the Spike Guys Choice event wearing a fetching sleeveless little black dress with jeweled detailing and ankle strap high heels. The outfit really showed off her sexy legs. I guess running away from zombies does have a fitness benefit.

lauren cohan

Sandra Bullock Gorgeous Legs in Strapless Pink Mini Dress and Ankle Strap High Heels

Sandra Bullock made a fabulous appearance on the Spike TV Guys Choice Awards wearing a curve hugging pink strapless mini dress and black ankle strap high heels. Her toned legs are amazing. Certainly one of the more fit actresses in the business.

sandra bullock

Kathleen Robertson Sexy Legs and Cleavage in a See Through Mini Dress and High Heels

Kathleen Robertson makes a sexy appearance at some Family Equality Council wearing a mesh see-through mini dress and open-toe gold metallic high heels. She has a lovely body, great legs and is very pretty. She needs to find herself back in front of the camera at her earliest convenience.

Kathleen Robertson Kathleen Robertson

Taylor Swift Long Legs in a Mini Dress and Stylish High Heels for Grammy Party

Impressive showing by Taylor Swift as she attends some pre-Grammy party wearing a delightful black printed and sheer mini dress and sky high heels that shows off her incredible long legs. I not much of a fan, particularly since she’s all but given up the country scene, but she really embraces her sex appeal in this appearance. The dress is stunning, love the heels, her hair is not overdone and the makeup is perfect. Obviously her legs are the show though and they are well represented.

Taylor Swift Taylor Swift

Paula Patton Has Great Legs in a Short White Dress and High Heels

Paula Patton makes a stunning appearance in a short white dress for some Independence Award deal showing off her amazing legs. The woman’s legs are possibly the most toned of any in the cesspool otherwise known as Hollywood. She seems to enjoy putting them on display too. She loves her hemlines short and her high heels tall. Her dresses tend toward the tight side too to reveal her gorgeous figure. I always enjoy seeing this woman on the event carpets.

 Paula Patton Legs at Film Independent Spirit AwardsPaula Patton Legs at Film Independent Spirit Awards



Khloe Kardashian Shows Off Her Smoking Hot Curves and Shapely Legs

What the hell? I would have never thought that I would be typing the praises of Khloe Kardashian but here we are. Apparently she has lost some weight and is enjoying the attention she has been getting from the paparazzi. She’s plenty proud of her body as she’s been strutting around the city wearing tight jeans and sexy mini dresses to show off her curves. I say well done. I have little interest in these people but you just had to root for Khloe as she wasn’t the hottie of the group. Well, she is today.

khloe kardashian khloe kardashian khloe kardashian

Dania Ramirez Shows Off Her Legs in a Short Leather Mini Dress and Strappy High Heels

Dania Ramirez posed on the carpet during her appearance at some Disney event wearing a hot leather mini and strappy heels that showed off her shapely legs. Sadly I don’t know much about this woman but I always seem to perk up when I catch her at some red carpet, or whatever color they are using, event. She’s very pretty and has a great body. Call me a fan.

dania ramirez dania ramirez


Paula Patton Gorgeous Promoting Disconnect in Short and Sheer Little Black Dress

Paula Patton has great legs. Are there many in the whacky world of Hollyweird with sexier gams than this woman? I think not. She made a red carpet appearance for her latest film Disconnect wearing a sexy black mini-dress with sheer back and sleeve detail with black satin pumps. I’m not so much a fan of her dress though I do appreciate the delicious length that showed off her toned legs as well as the sheer material providing a view of her cleavage. Well done.

paula patton

paula patton

Dania Ramirez – Wow – Stunning – Legs – Curves – Speechless

Dania Ramirez looks amazing as she attends some event at the Chateau Nightclub & Gardens in Las Vegas. Her sex appeal is in full view of the cameras as she makes way down the red carpet in a stunning strapless mini dress and strappy high heels. Everything about her dress and heels works. Tight, short, low cut dress presenting her sinful curves and her sexy high heels accentuate her shapely legs. Well done.

Dania RamirezDania Ramirez

Paula Patton is Smoking Hot With Gorgeous Legs in a Mini Dress and High Heels

Paula Patton is gorgeous as she attends her Mission Impossible movie premiere in Munich. She appeared wearing a short and low cut metallic mini dress that showed off her gorgeous legs and sexy cleavage. The silver dress was matched with beautiful silver metallic platform pumps that accentuated her toned and fit legs nicely. I really did not know much about this woman until seeing her promote the MI movie but I find her incredibly attractive. She is seen fully embracing her hotness. Love the revealing attire covering her amazing body.

Paula Patton legs Paula Patton legs

Irina Shayk Has Beautiful Legs in High Heels

Irina Shayk is incredibly gorgeous. We all know this because she landed the cover of Sports Illustratedfor 2011. I’ve never heard of her before then but she seems like she deserved it. Plenty of curves. Nice boobs and long legs. She appeared on the late show promoted her cover victory and showing off her beautiful legs in high heels.

irina shayk irina shayk

Kristin Cavalleri Has Long Beautiful Legs in High Heels

Kristin Cavalleri has incredibly beautiful legs. They are long and have nice muscle tone. Interesting that her legs are so shapely as I find it hard to believe she gets much exercise done as a smoker. whatever. She looks great in her mini dress and towering high heels. She has great legs.

kristin cavallari kristin cavallari

Katie Cassidy Has Gorgeous Legs in a Short Dress and High Heels

Katie Cassidy has long sexy legs and she does a great job of showing them off in short mini dresses and towering high heels. She looks great as she poses on the red carpet for some US Weekly event wearing a sparkly mini dress and satin platform high heels. She’s very stylish. Even her clutch bag is fashionable. She is a lovely woman. This is some good work.

Katie CassidyKatie Cassidy

Hilary Swank Has Great Celebrity Legs in a Short Dress and High Heels

Holy crap, Hilary Swank has great legs in high heels. Her body is trim and fit. She is pretty and she is stylish. And man is she talented. But I dig her legs. They are toned. She was interviewed on one of those stupid celebrity yap shows and they commented about how great she looked and asked her how she managed and she said she exercises a lot. I admire that in a woman. Nice legs are usually not gifts. They have to be worked on. Obviously Swank is putting in the effort.

Hilary Swank sexy legs and high heelsHilary Swank sexy legs and high heels

Marisa Miller Wearing the Usual: Short Dress and High Heels for Her Gorgeous Legs

Marisa Miller looks incredible, as usual, as she attends some award thing at Spike TV. She wears her requisite tight, low cut and short mini dress that displays her big boobs and long gorgeous legs. She really knows how to dress for maximum exposure and attention.

marisa millermarisa miller