Sofia Vergara Has Gorgeous Legs in Leggings and High Heel Booties

Sofia Vergara shows some booty in see-through leggings and sexy high heel booties. The woman has an impossible body and seems to enjoy showing it off in tight and/or revealing attire and towering high heels. Not only does she have perfect breasts but her legs are long and her bottom is shapely. Stunning and incredibly sexy.

Kelly Brook Looks Divine in Leggings and High Heels

Kelly Brook is a gorgeous woman. Curvy. Toned. She has beautiful perfect boobs. She has long gorgeous legs. And she does a fantastic job of decorating herself for maximum potential. Take this outfit she has thrown on. Could it be any hotter? Well, yes it could. But I love it anyway. Leggings and sexy high heels. A terrific top as well with a hint of cleavage. One photo is all it takes. Lovely.

kelly brook

Hilary Duff Has Sexy Legs in Black Leggings and High Heel Boots

Hilary Duff got herself photographed by the paps. She doesn’t appear thrilled about it and who can blame her. But the upside is she looks cute and is wearing some really sexy high heel boots. They look great with her black leggings. They really show off her sexy legs nicely. This is some good work despite the effort she makes to not be noticed.

Hilary_duff high heel bootsHilary_duff high heel boots

Katrina Bowden Has Sexy Legs in Red Leggings and High Heel Boots

Not sure who Katrina Bowden is but she is a cute blonde with nice legs. Her outfit is questionable I think but the red leggings are tight and fit her well and she is wearing a pair of black high heel boots. She could have done better with the red leggings. They don’t exactly work well with her boots, which have a nice heel, but are not exactly the sexiest boots I’ve seen a celebrity wear this fall either. She has potential but can do better.

katrina bowdenkatrina bowden1

Leighton Meester Has Sexy Legs in Leggings and High Heels

Yet another shot of the lovely Leighton Meester on the set of her crapola show. I’m always interested in what she is wearing while making this show as she is always wearing something that accentuates her gorgeous legs. In this case she is wearing some very nice spandex leggings and some really cool high heel pumps. I dig leggings. Worn by a chick with fit, slim and toned legs they can be visually appealing. And when a pair of high heels are worn with them, you really capture my attention.

Leighton MeesterLeighton Meester

Kate Beckinsale in Black Lace Leggings and High Heel Boots

Kate Beckinsale is so stylish and put together it’s almost ridiculous. She seems like she never has a bad day. She is so gorgeous. Most women could not pull this look off. She has on lace leggings and high heel boots. Of course she has incredible sexy legs makes it work out just fine for her. I really like her stiletto heeled boots. Very sexy. And to think that she just tools around shopping looking like this is quite fantastic.

kate beckinsale

kate beckinsale

AnnaLynn McCord in Liquid Leggings and High Heels

AnnaLynn McCord is certainly making the most of her exposure from the new 90210 show. It doesn’t make me sad. She has a long and slim body with very sexy legs. Sometimes she does a good job decorating her body and sometimes she doesn’t. These photos from her appearance at the recent Blackberry event of her in liquid leggings and stiletto high heels is one time that she got it right.

AnnaLynn McCord

AnnaLynn McCord

Celebrity High Heels After a Month

This blog has been functional for about a month now. I have posted celebrities in high heels that I like. I like the heels high, the legs shapely and the babes hot. It’s a simple recipe really. So I went through the logs to see who people like and the results were mildly amusing. I think I’ve posted a rather nice selection of celebrities wearing their high heels. I’ve posted Diane Sawyer in high heels. She’s in her 60′s and still looking very sexy. I posted Dana Delaney in high heels and she still looks amazing in her 50′s. I’ve posted Teri Hatcher in high heels and she’s rocking the 40′s. Charlize Theron is gorgeous in high heels and she is in her 30′s. And of course there are a ton of photos of chicks in their 20′s in high heels. So guess who the readers of this blog cared about the most so far?

1. Jessica Simpson – A lot of people want to see Jessica in her platform high heels. No wonder, as she has very shapely legs. She may get attention for her bosom but her legs are damn sexy as well. She garnered the most interest on this blog than any other celebrity by a huge margin.

Jessica Simpson

2. Lindsey Lohan – People are digging the girl in her leggings. Judging by the results of the first two, this blog is clearly read by a young crowd.

3. Anna Kournikova – Interesting. She has done nothing, yet people still want to check her out.

4. Gwyneth Paltrow – Gwyneth pretty much kicked off this blog. She was tooling around in her towering high heel platform shoes for the Ironman promotion. She was looking incredible.

5. Kate Beckinsale – People love these leggings. Kate and Lindsey in high heels and leggings proved to be very popular posts.

Surprises: I thought more people would dig Charlize. She proved not as popular as Marisa Miller, Victoria Beckham, Fergie, hell, even Heidi Montag.

Fergie in High Heels and Liquid Leggings

This is Fergie. I’m not a fan of pop music. And I haven’t been much a fan of this Fergie person. I guess she has a real name but I am not interested enough to find out what it would be. So Fergie it is. Here’s the thing: Until recently, I just never had much interest in objectifying her looks. I thought, sure she’s a pretty girl and has a nice body, but so does everybody else this side of Jennifer Hudson in pop music. But I’ve seen a couple of really nice bikini photosets and other glamor sets of the Fergie. I’ve started to come around. She’s sexy. Not in the timeless beauty that say a Monica Belluci is, but she is certainly no Britney. And I noticed her bum. Her butt. The ass. Sure there are big round bottoms like Kardashian’s rolling around, but Fergie’s is so much nicer. It appears firm and taught. A dancer’s ass. So what got me excited about Fergie are these photos of her performing in liquid leggings which coincidentally shows off that ass. And of course no ass in liquid leggings is complete without stepping into a pair of funky high heels. Well-done Fergie.