Kate Beckinsale Attends a London X Factor Show in a Sleek Black Pantsuit and Studded Louboutin High Heels

Kate Beckinsale made a stylish appearance at the ‘I Can’t Sing! The X Factor Musical’. She looked gorgeous as usual in a black pantsuit with a short leopard print coat and studded Christian Louboutin high heels.

Kate Beckinsale Kate Beckinsale



Kate Beckinsale Great Legs Wearing Dark Slacks and White High Heels

Kate Beckinsale was out and about in her typical stylish attire wearing dark slacks with white high heels, white top and a sleek blazer. She obviously never leaves the house without looking her best. It’s about class. This is something she has and other paparazzi faves have little use for in the cesspool otherwise known as Hollywood.

Kate Beckinsale Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale Lovely in White at Burberry Prorsum Show at London Fashion Week

Kate Beckinsale looks lovely as she attends the Burberry Prorsum show at London Fashion Week, whatever the hell that is. She showed up wearing a sleek white outfit with sleek black high heels that did a nice job of showing off her curves. The tight white pencil skirt hugged her booty nicely and gave a glimpse of her shapely gams. She’s still a favorite even though she’s not much of a player in the movie biz anymore. She remains one of the most desirable women on the planet so that alone will ensure she has a place on the red carpet and other photo events for our enjoyment.

Kate Beckinsale Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale Beautiful in a Short White Dress and Purple Satin High Heels

Always nice to see Kate Beckinsale showing off her gorgeous legs in high heels. She makes a welcome appearance, classing up the 2012 MTV Movie Awards. She looks lovely in a short long sleeved, yet short white mini dress and stylish purple satin high heels. She’s probably not amused at the photo taken of her walking off stage but it showed off her shapely legs, along with a nice side view of her pumps, the best of any that were available.



Kate Beckinsale Stunning Leg Show in High Heels for Magazine

Kate Beckinsale looks unbelievably hot in some Aussie Men’s Health magazine. Jaw dropping really. She’s beautiful but her gorgeous legs are simply amazing. The muscle definition along with the short attire and towering high heels is simply stunning. Honestly there aren’t many women who wears  pair of sky high heels better than Kate. She may or may not walk in them very well but they really accentuate her gorgeous legs nicely.

Video – Kate Beckinsale classic from Esquire in lingerie and heels

Kate Beckinsale Arrives at the Late Show in a Curve Hugging Dress and Sexy Louboutin High Heels

Kate Beckinsale is making the rounds in front of her latest Underworld movie attempt. She showed up for the Late Show yapfest wearing a sexy figure hugging dress and sexy Christian Louboutin slingback platform high heels that shows off her lovely gams. I think she is one of the sexiest actresses these days. It is nice to see her back in front of the camera and equally as special to see her posing on the event carpets promoting her movie efforts. She has an amazing body and gorgeous legs that are typically accentuated wearing towering high heels.

Kate Beckinsale Has Great Legs in Sexy High Heels For A Fashionable Photoshoot

Kate Beckinsale is a favorite celebrity. She is one of the most beautiful women in the world and one of the most fashionable celebrities. You can typically count on her to wear gorgeous gowns and dresses that are figure hugging as well as towering high heels that accentuate her gorgeous legs. I came across these beautiful photos of her from a John Russo photoshoot. She looked amazing. I have hopes that her movie career will get back on track in the near future as well.



Kate Beckinsale in a Short Dress Shows Off Her Gorgeous Legs in High Heels at Cannes

Once again we see Kate Beckinsale looking as lovely as ever in a short, strapless mini dress and a pair of towering high heels that show off her great legs. Clearly she works out as her ler sexy legs are toned and fit. She is sen in these photos at some after-party in Cannes for Robin Hood. Her legs are smoking hot and she is beautiful. I can’t say enough about her.

Kate Beckinsale hs sexy legs in high heelsKate Beckinsale has sexy legs in high heels

Kate Beckinsale Has Great Legs in Slim Pants and High Heels

Kate Beckinsale has style. She always does a nice job of decorating herself even when simply rolling out for a casual day on the town. She is seen leaving Shutters Hotel wearing some slim and tight fitting pants with a pair of cool high heels. She has great legs that are really accentuated in her tight pants and sky high heels. As always, this is some good work by Beckinsale.

Kate Beckinsale leaving Shutters Hotel in Santa Monica wearing high heelsKate Beckinsale leaving Shutters Hotel in Santa Monica wearing high heels

More Leggy Goodness From Kate Beckinsale Wearing High Heels

Glad to see Kate Beckinsale back on the red carpet wearing a short dress and sexy high heels. She has great legs and she tends to do a great job of showing them off. Here she is at Tod’s Boutique opening in Beverly Hills wearing a little blue dress and towering high heels. It is good to see Beckinsale displaying her sexy legs in high heels even if it is to something as stupid as walking the red carpet for a store opening. More moronic behavior from Hollywood elites.

kate beckinsale_Tods_Boutique_Opening_in_Beverly_Hills_April_15 kate beckinsale_Tods_Boutique_Opening_in_Beverly_Hills_April_15 kate beckinsale_Tods_Boutique_Opening_in_Beverly_Hills_April_15

Kate Beckinsale Has Sexy Legs in Skinny Jeans and High Heels

Nice to see Kate Beckinsale shopping particularly since she decided to wear a nice pair of skinny jeans and towering high heels. I dig that she will strap on some sexy high heels to simply go out shopping. She’s always looking her best. She has great legs in high heels.

kate beckinsale in gap wearing high heels with skinny jeanskate beckinsale in gap wearing high heels with skinny jeans

Kate Beckinsale in Tight Jeans and High Heels

I like these photos of Kate Beckinsale as she leaves the Ivy Restaraunt last week. She is wearing a nice pair of tight and torn jeans wearing white high heels. She looks very casual but at the same time she is smoking hot as usual. Have to say I am a big fan of her crossed legs. Especially in the stiletto pumps. She has very sexy legs. This is some good work.


Kate Beckinsale in Black Lace Leggings and High Heel Boots

Kate Beckinsale is so stylish and put together it’s almost ridiculous. She seems like she never has a bad day. She is so gorgeous. Most women could not pull this look off. She has on lace leggings and high heel boots. Of course she has incredible sexy legs makes it work out just fine for her. I really like her stiletto heeled boots. Very sexy. And to think that she just tools around shopping looking like this is quite fantastic.

kate beckinsale

kate beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale in Black Leather and High Heels

Kate Beckinsale looks incredible in her tight black leather dress. It really does a fantastic job of showing off her gorgeous curves. She also has on black stockings that completely encases her lovely legs. Her high heels are the treat as they are strappy and have a very tall stiletto. I’m just not certain if I’m digging the bangs. She looks cute and sexy but I enjoyed her hair better without the bangs. She’s still hot.

kate beckinsale Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale is a Sexy MILF in High Heel Boots

Kate Beckinsale looks pretty simply going about her daily activities as a mom. I don’t know if Kate spends a lot of time putting together her, beautiful without a lot of effort, look or not. Most moms I know look like that cute lady with Kate. They put in the effort to look decent when they go out. But note the shoes. Standard flat boots for comfort and convenience. Not very hot. Not hot at all actually. Her friend is covered up with a baggy sweater and standard mom jeans. Her hair looks like a mom who barely finds to shampoo daily. Not Kate. She is wearing leggings which show off her sexy legs. She is mounted in high heel suede boots. Her thousand dollar hair is perfectly styled in a barely styled kind of way. Kate is one hot mom. But she is also photographed everywhere she goes so maybe she has the burden of having to deal with the extra burden of being a celebrity and constantly trying to look good for the camera.

kate beckinsalekate beckinsale