Jennifer Aniston in a Little Black Dress and WWE Championship Belt on the Berlin Red Carpet

Jennifer Aniston continued the businesses of promoting her crap movie to the Germans wearing a little black dress and terrific black suede platform high heels. She looked delightful as she showed off her WWE black belt to the red carpet crowd. Who knew that she not only appears in really boring movies but she also apparently competes in the ring? I’ll look forward to her next diva smackdown. All that training has really done wonders toning her gorgeous legs.

jennifer aniston jennifer aniston

Jennifer Aniston Has Tan and Beautiful Legs in a Little Black Dress and High Heels

Jennifer Aniston displays her beautiful legs as she makes her way to the Jon Stewart show. She is wearing a little black dress and sexy platform slingback high heels which fully accentuate her gorgeous legs. Love the rear shot of her hot legs. It shows how fit and shapely they are.

jennifer aniston
jennifer aniston

Jennifer Aniston Has Beautiful Legs in a Pretty Dress and High Heels

Jennifer Aniston hit the road pimping her fragrance to the world wearing a pretty dress and strappy high heel sandals. The world certainly can do without another stinky bottle of celebrity perfume but it is always nice to Jennifer Aniston showing off her gorgeous legs in  high heels.

jennifer aniston legsjennifer aniston legs

Jennifer Aniston Has Great Legs in a Tight White Dress and High Heels

Jennifer Aniston displays perfect celebrity legs in high heels on the set of yet another movie she is working on. This woman has incredible legs and is doing a fantastic job of showing them off wearing tight dresses and towering high heels. Simply incredible. The muscle tone and shape she has developed from her fitness routines is fantastic.

jennifer aniston legsjennifer aniston legs

Jennifer Aniston Bares Her Sexy Legs in a Mid Thigh Black Dress and High Heels

Jennifer Aniston has been making the rounds trying to gain attention for her potentially awful movie The Bouty Hunter. At least she has been good enough to keep her legs bare and step out in sexy high heels. She is seen in these photos leaving a promotional opportunity on Good Morning America wearing a short mid thigh black dress whcih shows off her great legs and high heels.

jennifer aniston leaving GMA in short dress and high heelsjennifer aniston leaving GMA in short dress and high heels

Jennifer Aniston in Black Dress With Daring Slit Up the Side and High Heels

Jennifer Aniston looked amazing to me at the 2010 Golden Globes. I read through some forum postings and blog comments, mostly from other chicks, who thought she was trying too hard, or didn’t look that elegant, or the dress was too revealing, blah, blah, blah. she looked great. She has great celebrity legs in high heels. She works hard to keep her legs shapely and toned and is quite proud of her work. I’m glad she enjoys displaying her gorgeous legs. she could be like countless other female stars who refuse to embrace their hotness.

jennifer aniston at golden globes 2010jennifer aniston has gorgeous legs in high heels

Jennifer Aniston in Short Black Skirt and High Heel Pumps

More leggy goodness of Jennifer Aniston’s gorgeous legs in a skirt and high heel pumps on the set of latest movie effort, The Bounty Hunter. I am completely digging her toned and shapely legs. They are without a doubt a pair of the nicest legs in Hollywood. As we’ve discussed before, she works out and runs which keeps her pretty legs looking fantastic.This is some incredible work.

Jennifer aniston more on setJennifer aniston more on set1Jennifer aniston more on set2Jennifer aniston more on set3

Jennifer Aniston in a Tight Pencil Skirt and High Heels

Couldn’t resist posting up more Jennifer Aniston and her gorgeous legs. She is seen here on the set of a movie wearing a tight, short pencil skirt and gray tank top along with some high heel pumps. Her high heels really accentuate what is going on with her sexy legs. As I’ve mentioned tons of times, I love muscle tone in women’s legs. I like seeing that a woman puts forth effort to get her legs in shape and fit. Aniston is a runner and you can tell by the looks of her pretty legs. Always nice to see.

jennifer anistonjennifer aniston

Jennifer Aniston Has Gorgeous Legs in High Heels

Can there be any doubt that Jennifer Aniston has a pair of the most gorgeous legs in entertainment? I can only come up with a handful of chicks that I could effectively compare her with. See, there are many women with slim and long legs. These are genetic gifts. But Jennifer Aniston’s legs are superior in every regard because they are toned and have fantastic muscle definition. It is obvious that she makes the effort to exercise and workout. It is this effort that I appreciate over anything else.These photos are taken from the movie set of The Bounty Hunter. Her body looks incredible. Her outfit is perfect. Love the skirt and the sleeveless top and the high heels are perfect.

jennifer anistonjennifer aniston

Jennifer Aniston in High Heels – Best Celebrity Legs

Jennifer Aniston is hitting my objectification radar hard recently. All because of her legs and obvious style. She has incredible, simply unbelievably, hot legs. They are toned, fit and very shapely. I don’t know if any celebrity has nicer legs than she does. Some may compare to her favorably like, say, Jessica Simpson, but none are better. Such amazing eye candy. And thankfully she is typically always strapped into high heels. She obviously spends time working out, but nothing shows off the gym work like a pair of stilettos. This is good work.