Lake Bell Has Long Legs in a Short Dress

Lake Bell has a sweet body. Her legs are long and shapely and she does a nice job of choosing sexy outfits to decorate herself. She looks great in her little black dress and high heels. They show off her beautiful legs nicely. She’s been showing up on the red carpets lately for something called Burning Palms. Good for us.

Lake Bell Lake Bell

Malin Akerman Has Long Legs in a Short Dress and High Heels

Malin Akerman has gorgeous legs. They are long and toned. She is appearing for some benefit for children and artists at Bvlgari wearing a short orange mini dress and nude high heel pumps. She is a pretty woman and you really have to admire her perfect long legs. From the looks of it she is eager for you to admire them too.

malin akerman malin akerman

Olivia Munn Flashes Her Sexy Legs in High Heels

Another Olivia Munn post this week. Can’t help it. She’s working her 15 minutes hard. The woman is all over the media promoting her soon to be canceled crap show. She’s been on every magazine that needs a hot chick, that is somewhat popular, to somewhat show skin. Munn provides the goods. She is seen here getting ready to yap on the worst night time talk show on TV, The Late Show. She flashes her nice legs and I really dig her towering high heels.

Olivia Munn Olivia Munn

Amy Adams Has Nice Legs in a Blue Dress and High Heels

Gorgeous Amy Adams looks beautiful as she poses on the red carpet wearing a pretty blue dress and high heels. She has great legs and shows them off in her tight and elegant dress and sexy pumps. She is one of the most stylish women and has a great body. She always looks amazing.

Amy Adams Amy Adams

Olivia Munn Has Great Legs in Tight Leather Skirt and High Heels

The latest “it” girl is Olivia Munn. She has been all over media getting herself noticed in advance of her soon to be canceled sitcom. They are pushing her new TV show hard but it will probably be stupid and suck. She’s awesome to look at but there aren’t may as annoying as this one. She has great legs and seems to enjoy showing them off in tight and sexy outfits with towering high heels. When you’re hot you are asked to show up for stupid events like the grand opening of the Marquee Nightclub in Las Vegas.

Olivia Munn Olivia Munn

Yvonne Strahovski Has Beautiful Legs in Sky High Heels

Yvonne Strahovski is a stunningly beautiful actress. She has long sexy legs that are toned and long. Unfortunately you don’t see her much on the red carpet or other events so it can be hard to find photos of her showing off her curvy and fit body. These photos from Pop magazine are amazing. Her beautiful legs are on full display. She is wearing a long dress and leopard print high heels in one and dressy short and classic pumps in the other. This is hot.

yvonne strahovski yvonne strahovski

Stunning Laura Vandervoort Has Gorgeous Legs in High Heels

Laura Vandervoort is smoking hot. To me, this could be the second coming of Charlize Theron. A drop dead gorgeous woman that is stylish with the body of a (healthy) model. She has a slim and tight body with long sexy legs. She is fashionable wearing classy outfits. She steps out on the red carpet posing in a short mini dress and towering high heels that accentuate her hot legs.

Laura Vandervoort sexy legsLaura Vandervoort legs