Beyonce is Leggy in High Heels

Not much of a fan of Beyonce here. But I am a fan of celebrity legs in high heels. The thing I admire most about Beyonce is that she is not a skinny model/actress. She embraces her curves. She has the type of body that I believe could get away from her if she does not put in a lot of effort to keep it toned and fit. And it looks like she does. Plus she does a nice job of decorating herself in fashionable attire that accentuates her best features. I like that the woman is almost always mounted in a pair of high heels. At least for me she has that going for her. And I like these she chose for her feet forthe Letterman show.


Jessica Stroup is Leggy in a Short Dress Wearing Funky High Heels

Jessica Stroup is a pretty girl. She has a slim body with mostly shapely legs. She is typically dressed to impress. She tends to do a good job of showing off her sexy legs and she is typically strapped into some nice high heels. I kinda wish she would add a few extra pounds to her frame because she can get too skinny and could use some extra weight, but I think she is cute and sexy and is definitely one to keep an eye on. She’s posing at the L.A. premiere of “The Informers”.


Elisha Cuthbert in High Heel Pumps

Not much exciting here. Elisha is a pretty girl. Sexy even at times. She just seems like she tends to fight the hotness. She’s photographed here arriving at The Late Show. I would have liked to have seen more leg and higher heels. She seems dressed like she is a 40 year old middle aged MILF. Nothing wrong with that but she should be working her 20 something hotness. This could be much better.

Actress Elisha Cuthbert visits "Late Show with David Letterman"Elisha Cuthbert

Elle Mcpherson is Leggy in High Heels

Elle Mcpherson continues to look fantastic. Her body looks as good today as it did years ago when she was rocking the SI swimsuit editions. She was and has always been a favorite. Her legs are incredible. Very long and shapely. She shows us why in these photos wearing a short black dress, stockings and some of the ugliest high heels I’ve seen on the feet of celebrities.


Eva Longoria in Towering High Heels and Crossed Legs

Eva Longoria showed up for a recent Rally for Cancer Kids looking fantastic. She wore a nicely fitted black dress that showed a decent amount of cleavage and it was short enough to allow for a proper display of her sexy legs in towering high heels. She really looked cute and sexy. Particularly when she took her seat and crossed those gorgeous celebrity legs in high heels.


Heidi Montag With Crossed Legs in High Heels

I came across this promo shot of Heidi Montag and the other losers for her MTV show. I think she looks fantastic…Photoshop or no. The young woman has fantastic legs. And the cool thing about her is she always mounts herself in high heels. This I dig regardless of how annoying she may or may not be. Plus I think her hair is incredible. So yea, basically I think she’s hot. Her crossed legs in high heels are gorgeous.


Willa Holland Crossed Legs in High Heels

Willa Holland is another hot chick that I suppose I should know but don’t. She is very pretty. She apparently has a nice a  body. Her legs are long and slim. She seems stylish. At least the folks in the magazine was able to dress her up nicely. I like this photo a lot. Women in a short skirt with crossed legs wearing high heels are always a good thing. Holland does a good job displaying it properly.


Kim Kardashian is Shopping in Tight Jeans and Towering High Heels

I dig a chick that accepts looking sexy pretty much all the time. Kim Kardashian goes out in West Hollywood shopping with a friend and gets herself all dolled up. Most times I roll over to the mall or someplace local to where chicks might be shopping and they are wearing flats, boring jeans and nonflattering top. Not celebrities. Especially these reality show whizzes. They always look the part. Kardashian goes shopping in impossibly high stilettos and fashionably torn and tight jeans. It’s awesome stuff.


Julianne Hough in Strappy High Heels

Julianne Hough looks cute and sexy in her ugly dress and high heels singing at the ACM Weekend on Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas, whatever that is. She is very leggy which I really like. I don’t care for her billowy dress though. At least it is short enough to give a nice view of her pretty legs though. It’s hard or me to be critical of shapely gams in high heels in a photo taken from behind. That is pretty hot stuff.


Carla Gugino Has Sexy Legs in High Heels

Carla Gugino looks fantastic promoting, as usual,  her latest movie. You can always count of Gugino to wear something that shows off her curvy body well. And she has gorgeous legs which are always accentuated with a nice pair of sexy high heels. Her high heel sandals are gorgeous. And her dress really does wonders for her perfect cleavage. She is a favorite celebrity. She never disappoints.


Marisa Tomei in an Ugly Dress and Black Stiletto Pumps

Nothing special about these photos of Marisa Tomei. She’s posing on the red carpet for some launch party in a pretty lame looking dress. Tomei is so hit or miss. I think she is fantastic looking. But she can really be a wildcard with her dresses. I prefer for her to show more legs than she is in these photos, but the high heels look good. Standard black stilettos. But they accentuate her lovely gams just enough to keep me interested.


Denise Richards Has Toned Legs in High Heels

Denise Richards just has  nice body. She very pretty and sexy. I love her hair. I think she’s kind of a wingnut but a damn hot one. She appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s show wearing a short dress that showed off plenty of her sexy legs. And of course she was strapped into some very nice high heels that really accentuates her fantastic gams. Nice work here.


Lauren Conrad in Ugly Shorts and High Heels

This is my gift to you site browsers. This is Lauren Conrad. I know many of you folks dig this chick so here you go. She does nothing for me. Boring comes to mind when I see her. However, I will concede the girl has nice legs. Sometimes she does a good job of showing them off. I can’t really saw anything good about her ugly little outfit but at least she shows a ton of leg and she is mounted in some decent high heels.


Vanessa Hudgens in Jeans and High Heels

Vanessa Hudgens is a a cute and sexy girl. She has a nice body. She wears jeans well and tends to be very stylish about it. Her legs look fantastic in them and mounting herself in high heels while wearing the jeans is always a good call. She’s not favorite but I can’t just ignore her either.


Cameron Diaz in Jeans and Sexy High Heels

I really like how Cameron Diaz looks as she attends the Nickolodeon Kid’s Award 2009 show. She looks sexy and fun. Her hair is fantastic. I love her sexy legs in those torn and tight jeans. And they are nicely accentuated by her wearing a fantastic pair of high heel pumps. They are really sexy and cool. I haven’t been the biggest Diaz fan but if she continues to make efforts like this then I will have to keep her on the radar. This is some good stuff.