Leighton Meester On the Couch Showing Off Her Sexy Legs

Leighton Meester is lounging around on a couch in a tight dress and towering high heels that accentuate her gorgeous legs. She is a very pretty woman and typically does a very good job decorating her tight body. I like her legs quite a bit. She is totally embracing her hotness.

leighton meesterleighton meester1

Ali Larter Has Sexy Legs

Ali Larter has incredible legs. They are long and shapely. Fit and toned. She is typically strapped into sexy high heels which greatly accentuate her hot legs. The problem is she has been wearing some seriously ugly dresses lately on the various carpets. Luckily her dresses have been short showing off her gams, but the dresses have been less than attractive.


Kim Kardashian in Tights and Towering High Heels

I’m guessing that Kim Kardashian has just returned from a dance recital or gym workout or something. She looks ridiculous in her Flashdance-type outfit. She’s shoved her big ass inside some funky tight and is looking like some 80′s dancer. But what got me interested were her towering high heels she wore with the outfit. Sexy high heels can make any outfit tolerable.


Christina Aguilera in Tight Jeans and High Heels

Christina Aguilera does not look happy in her tight jeans and high heels. She still has a body worth looking at but she seems wasted or bored or both at some LG event with Heidi Klum. She needs to snap out of it. I don’t know if being married with children has sapped her spirit or what, but she is a pretty hot chick and needs to get back to her luscious self she was a couple of years ago. At any rate her body is still fantastic and she looks great in her tight jeans and towering high heels.


Sophia Bush in Funky High Heels

I don’t know anything about Sophia Bush. She appears to be a lovely and pretty woman. She is appearing at the Star Trek premiere wearing a very sexy and form fitting dress. Of all the dresses I’ve seen in the last few weeks this is my favorite. It’s very cool. She is also wearing some very interesting and funky high heels. They have all kinds of things going on with straps and chains. I like them. They accentuate her very pretty legs.


Demi Moore is Sexy in High Heels

Demi Moore continues to look sexy. Maybe being with a younger dude will do that to an older women. But she certainly has the looks and body to keep up with chicks half her age. She looks very sexy in her black dress and high heels. Her legs are very nice. Love the hair. You can tell that she takes care of herself and keeps toned and fit. Her legs are very shapely. And those sexy high heels do a nice job accentuating them.She’s appearing at Cartier 100th Anniversary in NY, whatever that is.


Eva Mendes in a Tight Dress and High Heels

Eva Mendes is smoking hot in her tight little dress and high heels. She is fast becoming one of my favorite celebrity females. She is gorgeous and seems really cool. I think she keeps herself in shape and does a nice job of keeping her body fit. She has gorgeous and shapely legs and she does an outstanding job of decorating that perfect body. She attended the recent Cartier 100 year event looking curvy and beautiful.


Kristin Cavallari in a Tight Short Dress and Towering High Heels

I know virtually nothing about Kristin Cavallari. Apparently she left her 15 minutes a while back on some reality show. But thankfully she is still showing up on the event carpets. She attended some Star Trek premiere wearing a very tight fitting, form fitting dress and towering high heels. She has an incredible body and is a very cute and sexy woman. But mostly I love her long sexy legs. This is some good work.


Eliza Dushku is Sexy in a Short Dress and High Heels

I am seriously impressed with Eliza Dushku’s sexy legs that she displayed during her appearance at the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center,  ‘An Evening with Women’ event. She wore a very short dress and towering high heels that accentuated her pretty legs. I’ve noticed Dushku in many TV shows and photosets. I’ve always thought she was a pretty cool chick. She is obviously fit and toned. She’s very cute. But good grief, she looks incredible in these photos. Probably the best I’ve seen from her. Her legs, her body, just gets better each time I see her. This is some good work.


Beyonce is Leggy in High Heels

Not much of a fan of Beyonce here. But I am a fan of celebrity legs in high heels. The thing I admire most about Beyonce is that she is not a skinny model/actress. She embraces her curves. She has the type of body that I believe could get away from her if she does not put in a lot of effort to keep it toned and fit. And it looks like she does. Plus she does a nice job of decorating herself in fashionable attire that accentuates her best features. I like that the woman is almost always mounted in a pair of high heels. At least for me she has that going for her. And I like these she chose for her feet forthe Letterman show.


Jessica Stroup is Leggy in a Short Dress Wearing Funky High Heels

Jessica Stroup is a pretty girl. She has a slim body with mostly shapely legs. She is typically dressed to impress. She tends to do a good job of showing off her sexy legs and she is typically strapped into some nice high heels. I kinda wish she would add a few extra pounds to her frame because she can get too skinny and could use some extra weight, but I think she is cute and sexy and is definitely one to keep an eye on. She’s posing at the L.A. premiere of “The Informers”.


Elisha Cuthbert in High Heel Pumps

Not much exciting here. Elisha is a pretty girl. Sexy even at times. She just seems like she tends to fight the hotness. She’s photographed here arriving at The Late Show. I would have liked to have seen more leg and higher heels. She seems dressed like she is a 40 year old middle aged MILF. Nothing wrong with that but she should be working her 20 something hotness. This could be much better.

Actress Elisha Cuthbert visits "Late Show with David Letterman"Elisha Cuthbert

Elle Mcpherson is Leggy in High Heels

Elle Mcpherson continues to look fantastic. Her body looks as good today as it did years ago when she was rocking the SI swimsuit editions. She was and has always been a favorite. Her legs are incredible. Very long and shapely. She shows us why in these photos wearing a short black dress, stockings and some of the ugliest high heels I’ve seen on the feet of celebrities.


Eva Longoria in Towering High Heels and Crossed Legs

Eva Longoria showed up for a recent Rally for Cancer Kids looking fantastic. She wore a nicely fitted black dress that showed a decent amount of cleavage and it was short enough to allow for a proper display of her sexy legs in towering high heels. She really looked cute and sexy. Particularly when she took her seat and crossed those gorgeous celebrity legs in high heels.


Heidi Montag With Crossed Legs in High Heels

I came across this promo shot of Heidi Montag and the other losers for her MTV show. I think she looks fantastic…Photoshop or no. The young woman has fantastic legs. And the cool thing about her is she always mounts herself in high heels. This I dig regardless of how annoying she may or may not be. Plus I think her hair is incredible. So yea, basically I think she’s hot. Her crossed legs in high heels are gorgeous.