Eva Longoria Stunning in a Backless and Short Evening Gown and High Heels

My favorite Obamabot, Eva Longoria, attended some Latino awards ceremony in Miami wearing a strikingly hot, short, gown. The woman obviously takes time out of her busy liberal activities to hit the gym. She has an amazing figure that she is all too happy to accentuate in tight and or short attire and towering heels. She is one of the most stylish red carpet attendees and a favorite as she enjoys showing off her fashion tastes and sex appeal.

Eva LongoriaEva Longoria

Eva Longoria Promoting Lays Chips Shows Off Her Cleavage and Legs in a Revealing Little Dress and High Heels

Obama water carrier and stunning actress Eva Longoria made an appearance for some Lay’s potato chip event. Apparently she appeared to help the brand launch some pop-up store in Time’s Square and flavor contest. The liberal wore a tasty little dress that was low cut in the front and short on her gorgeous legs. Sexy sky high heels further accentuated her beautiful legs. Just a fabulous looking woman with a tight body.

Eva LongoriaEva Longoria


Eva Longoria Hosting a Cocktail Evening in a Sexy Short Dress and Strappy High Heels

Eva Longoria hosted some cocktail event aboard the Lady Joy yacht. It must be nice to be this woman. She is beautiful with seemingly plenty of time to travel the world and be seen in gorgeous outfits for photo opportunities. The thing that annoys me about this woman is how rabidly liberal and supportive of socialist ideals she is, yet the very ideology she embraces is not supportive of the capitalism that she enjoys. Weird. And hypocritical. But she is fun to look at, has a great body and lovely legs. She is a stylish woman that really knows how to accentuate her petite curves.

Eva LongoriaEva Longoria


Eva Longoria Has Great Legs in White Short Shorts and Blue Strappy Platform High Heels

Wow. Check out Eva Longoria as she makes her way to Beso restaurant in Hollywood. Her white out fit is incredible. Sexy white short shorts with a tight top and sleek white blazer. Her high heels are gorgeous. Blue strappy platform sandals. The short shorts and high heels really show off her gorgeous legs. She is working her tan and you can tell she has been working out. Her beautiful legs are toned and fit as usual. This woman is dazzling. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her not look stylish and this time is no different. However, I’m not so sure I’ve ever seen her look as beautiful in stylish casual attire. This is some really god work.

eva longoria iis leggy n white short shorts and blue strappy high heelseva longoria iis leggy n white short shorts and blue strappy high heels

Eva Longoria Has Beautiful Legs in a Short and Sexy Little Black Dress and High Heels

Once again Eva Longoria shows off her gorgeous legs in a little black dress and black satin high heels. The dress is low cut and short which displays her sexy body nicely. Her body is tight and toned as well as her legs. She is stylish and fashionable. What a smoking hot woman.

Eva Longoria in a little black dress and satin high heels

Eva Longoria Has Beautiful Legs in a Sexy White Dress and High Heels

Eva Longoria is promoting her book to all the media outlets this week wearing some very appealing outfits that are showing off her gorgeous legs. This tight white dress is sexy as it shows off her sexy cleavage as well as her beautiful legs for her GMA appearance. She has on a sexy pair of satin high heels that accentuate her legs as well. They are toned and fit and look amazing.

Eva Longoria Eva Longoria Eva Longoria Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria Has Gorgeous Legs in a Short Blue Suit and High Heels

Eva Longoria is smoking hot in her blue suit which amazing features a pair of incredible shorts that show of her gorgeous legs in high heels. The blue suit she has on is really quite amazing. It is both sophisticated yet exposes a ton of her sexy legs. Of course she is wearing beautiful pair of sating high heels that accentuate her amazing legs even further. Check out the muscle tone in those hot legs. And she is dropping some nice cleavage as well. This is some good work.

Eva Longoria leggy in a short blue suitEva Longoria leggy in a short blue suitEva Longoria leggy in a short blue suitEva Longoria leggy in a short blue suit

Eva Longoria Parker Has Sexy Legs in a Pretty Dress and High Heels

Eva Longoria looks as gorgeous as usual promoting her latest “Eva” fragrance. She is wearing a pretty and sexy sexy dress that forms to her cute curves. She has a great body. Fit and firm. She always decorates it perfectly. I’ve never seen her look less than stylish.

Eva Longoria  Sweetness Eva Fragrance Promotion At Liverpool Polanco Store In Mexico CityEva Longoria  Sweetness Eva Fragrance Promotion At Liverpool Polanco Store In Mexico City

Eva Longoria Shopping in Tight Jeans and High Heels

Eva Longoria is one of the most stylish and fashionable celebrities. You will hardly ever see her photographed not looking well put together. Even as she is running errands and shopping she still looks fantastic in a tight top, skinny jeans and towering high heels. She is such a dish. I dig that she is out and about wearing gorgeous platform pumps.

Eva Longoria skinny jeans and heels at the gapEva Longoria skinny jeans and high heels at the gapEva Longoria skinny jeans and high heels heading to paves salon

Eva Longoria Parker in a Short Dress and Strappy High Heel Sandals

Eva Longoria Parker looks really hot in her short dress and high heel sandals. At least I think what she is wearing is a dress. It seems like it is a short tube dress. Whatever you want to call let’s just agree that she looks very cute and sexy in it. She looks tan and fit and I must say her legs look very fit and toned. This is a fun summer look that I commend her greatly for. She looks fantastic.

eva longoria parkerEva Longoria parker

Eva Longora Parker in Jeans and High Heels

You can always find photos of hot celebrities with sexy legs in high heels lighting up the red carpet. They come to the event knowing they will be photographed. Expecting it. Reveling in the attention.  What I dig is when celebrities are caught looking hot just doing regular things. Eva Longoria Parker was seen eating at Cafe Medin in West Hollywood. Just a nice lunch with friends. Hanging out and having fun. Unfortunately for her the photography mob discovered her and took these photos of her. Sucks to be her with all these intrusions into her private life. But being an enabler I present some accidental sexy and cute photos of Longoria-Parker wearing tight jeans and very cool and sexy high heels.

Eva Longoria Parker Dining at Cafe Medin West HollywoodEva Longoria Parker Dining at Cafe Medin West Hollywood

Eva Longoria in a Backless and Short Dress and High Heels

Eva Longoria looks sexy as usual in her short dress which also happens to be backless. And tight enough to see her cute and curvy body. She is stalking the carpet at some People Magazine Spanish Gala in NYC. I’ve fought long and hard to not like this chick but she continues to dress sexy and stylish, keeps herself in great shape and does a good job of accentuating her sexy curves. She has nice legs for a gal that is so petite. But lucky for me because she is so petite she is always mounted in some sexy high heels as well. Yay.


Eva Longoria in Towering High Heels and Crossed Legs

Eva Longoria showed up for a recent Rally for Cancer Kids looking fantastic. She wore a nicely fitted black dress that showed a decent amount of cleavage and it was short enough to allow for a proper display of her sexy legs in towering high heels. She really looked cute and sexy. Particularly when she took her seat and crossed those gorgeous celebrity legs in high heels.


Desperate Housewives in High Heels on TV Guide Cover

I had a chuckle when I saw this cover on TV Guide. We get the magazine at the house. All the Desperate Housewives in basic naughty housewife and slutty high heels attire on what is supposed to be a family type magazine. I have no problems at all with the photo. And, by the way, the individual photos of the girls inside the magazine were pretty choice as well. But I’ve seen lesser revealing photos in Maxim magazine. I can just see middle America 60 year old Maude having a cow with this photo. I imagine there will be a ton of complaints. The girls all looked nicely airbrushed, though I thought Teri Hatcher, her legs specifically, were really skinny. Like PVC pipe thin. Scary stuff.