Candace Bure Cameron Sexy Legs in a Short Pink Jumper and High Heels on Big Morning Buzz

Candace Cameron Bure made an appearance on  Big Morning Buzz wearing a sexy and short little pink jumper and strappy high heels. She has been competing on DWTS stars which is clear from the impressive tone in her legs. She looks fantastic.

candace bure cameron candace bure cameron

Amy Adams Crossed Legs in a Little Black Dress and High Heels on Late Night Talk Show

Amy Adams appeared on Late Night wearing a sexy little black dress with sheer paneling and Christian Louboutin nude high heels showing off her sexy crossed legs. She has been making the rounds promoting her latest movie ‘American Hustle’. Have you seen the promos for this thing? Not only is Jennifer Lawrence in it and looking amazing but Amy appears with big red hair and stunning low cut dresses. Every single actor in this thing are extremely talented. It should be a good show. Frankly pretty much anything with Amy Adams in it I’ll be making the effort to see it.

Bonus pic of Amy after she made another appearance on Late Night wearing a spiffy pin stripe suit and incredible towering platform Christian Louboutin open toe high heels.

amy adams jimmy fallon amy adams amy adams

Stacy Kiebler’s Long Legs on the Fallon Late Night Yapfest

Stacy Kiebler took her legs for a visit to Jimmy Fallon’s late night crapfest. I have no idea what the woman was pimping but she certainly made an impressive appearance in a little black dress and black and gold high heels. She has amazing long legs. Makes you wonder how gay Clooney has to be for not keeping this woman’s incredible body in his bed. Word is in the celebrity cesspool that they hadn’t bumped their nasty bits in a couple of months. At least Keibler had the dignity to get out of that stupid relationship.

stacy keibler

stacy keibler

Kelly Brook Crossed Legs in a Little Black Dress and High Heels

Kelly Brook has a great body and gorgeous legs. She was in Dubai wearing a sleek and sexy little black dress and sky high heels which showed off her voluptuous body and long shapely legs. She is an amazing look woman. She is promoting some New Look thing over there. I’m surprised the Muslim world allows for a woman to show so much skin and look as amazing as she does. Glad she did and someone got a photo of it. Stunning.

Sexy Saloon Girl Costumes

Kelly Brook New Look's Celebration of 5 Years in DubaiKelly Brook New Look's Celebration of 5 Years in Dubai1


Sofia Vergara Crossed Legs in a Short Black Lace Dress and High Heels

Sofia Vergara made the Letterman show worth watching as she made an appearance to promote her TV show. She showed up wearing a sexy short black lace dress, black lace stockings and high heels. She has great legs that she enjoys displaying in revealing attire and towering high heels. Check out the stockings with the sexy line running up the back. She has wonderful curves but her legs are quite shapely and deserve attention as well. Love the shot of her crossed legs in high heels. As always this is some good work.

Sofia VergaraSofia VergaraSofia Vergara

Demi Moore Has Beautiful Legs in a Mini Dress and High Heels

Demi Moore has gorgeous legs. I don’t know how she does it but I swear her sexy legs get better as she gets older. They are toned and fit and she always shows them off nicely in short dresses an towering high heels. The photo of her with crossed legs is amazing. Her short little dress and satin peep toe pumps are stylish. She looks great.

demi moore demi moore

Jessica Simpson Crosses Her Sexy Legs in a Short Dress and High Heels

I continue to find Jessica Simpson one of the sexier women around. Last year or so she was prepping for a commercial for her hair extensions while wearing a short and low cut dress that displayed plenty of her gorgeous cleavage as well as her sexy legs. When this woman makes time for the gym and works on her legs she can display possibly some of the best legs of any celebrity. She looks great in these photos as she crosses her gorgeous legs in high heels.

Jessica Simpsonjessica simpson crosses her sexy legs in high heels

Hilary Duff With Crossed Legs in a Skirt and High Heels

Hilary Duff looks hot in her promo photoshoot for Beauty and Briefcase wearing a tight skirt and sky high heels. Professional shoots are always deceiving. You never know how much Photoshopping goes on, how much lighting helps, you have makeup artists and stylists making everyone look better than possible, etc.Rregardless Duff and her sexy, crossed legs look good. Love the high heels. This is some good work.

hilary duff beauty and briefcase promos heels crossed legshilary duff beauty and briefcase promos heels crossed legs

Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel Have Sexy Legs in High Heels

These photos from Jessica Biel and Jennifer Garner’s appearance on the crapfest morning show GMA has been making the rounds. They, of course, have been making the rounds promoting their own crapfest Valentine’s Day movie. But at least we get to reap the work they put in as they wear a short dress and high heels which show off their gorgeous legs. These two woman are known to participate in celebrity workouts and their sexy legs are the payoff. They each have toned legs from exercising. Nice to see Garner back in front of the camera.

jennifer garner and jess biel sexy legs in high heelsjennifer garner and jessica biel sexy legs in high heelsjennifer garner and jessica biel sexy legs in high heels

Jessica Biel Crosses Her Sexy Legs on Jay Leno

Jessica Biel has gorgeous legs. The reason is, she works at it. She is fit and exercises. Therefore her legs are shapely. She has a great body and sometimes does a nice job of showing it off. She looks nice in her off-the shoulder little black dress which displays her lovely gams nicely. She is also wearing sexy high heels. Not a bad appearance.

jessica biel jay leno crossed legs in high heelsjessica biel jay leno crossed legs in high heels

Eva Longoria in Towering High Heels and Crossed Legs

Eva Longoria showed up for a recent Rally for Cancer Kids looking fantastic. She wore a nicely fitted black dress that showed a decent amount of cleavage and it was short enough to allow for a proper display of her sexy legs in towering high heels. She really looked cute and sexy. Particularly when she took her seat and crossed those gorgeous celebrity legs in high heels.


Willa Holland Crossed Legs in High Heels

Willa Holland is another hot chick that I suppose I should know but don’t. She is very pretty. She apparently has a nice a  body. Her legs are long and slim. She seems stylish. At least the folks in the magazine was able to dress her up nicely. I like this photo a lot. Women in a short skirt with crossed legs wearing high heels are always a good thing. Holland does a good job displaying it properly.


Lucy Liu Crosses Her Legs in High Heels

I still have a celebrity crush on Lucy Liu. I think she is a very pretty and sexy girl with a firm and tight body. She is a stylish babe that wears nice looking clothing that works well on her curvy body. This little black dress she is wearing is fantastic as it gives a nice view of cleavage and shows off her shapely gams. She always does a good job with the high heels as well and she doesn’t disappoint with these sexy platform stilettos. Love the leg cross too. Just makes for a perfect set of photos.