Abbie Cornish Curves and Shapely Legs in a Low Cut Tight Red Dress and High Heels

I think Abbie Cornish is one of the more attractive women in Hollywood. I’ve seen a couple of movies she’s been in and thought she was quite alluring. She made the talk show circuit promoting some movie recently and was on her way to Kimmel’s yapfest in a sexy little red dress which showed of her stunning cleavage and toned legs. She’s a talented actor and is quite entertaining during interviews. She’s a favorite these days.

abbie cornish abbie cornish

Kathleen Robertson Sexy Legs and Cleavage in a See Through Mini Dress and High Heels

Kathleen Robertson makes a sexy appearance at some Family Equality Council wearing a mesh see-through mini dress and open-toe gold metallic high heels. She has a lovely body, great legs and is very pretty. She needs to find herself back in front of the camera at her earliest convenience.

Kathleen Robertson Kathleen Robertson

Jennifer Morrison Leaves Little to the Imagination in a Daring Dress at Billboard Awards

Jennifer Morrison left her inhibitions at home as she made quite an appearance at the Billboard Awards. Her dress left little to the imagination both front and back. With a bustier top she unleashed plenty of cleavage. The sheer material from the waist down she revealed her shapely booty and long legs in high heels. The woman is gorgeous and looked great though it was surprising to see her wear such a daring dress. Though I suppose that was the idea. I love her look in the over the shoulder photo. She knows she is being cheeky and is quite happy for the attention.

Jennifer Morrison Jennifer Morrison

Carla Gugino Sexy Curves in a Strapless Little Black Dress

Carla Gugino looks amazing, natch, in a sexy little black number and pumps as she poses on the red carpet in support of House of Cards . The woman has great curves that she shows off in the strapless low cut dress. Her toned gams are teased at the bottom of the dress in pretty high heels. I am always interested in seeing this woman appear on the red carpet. She is gorgeous and stylish and never disappoints.

Carla Gugino Carla Gugino

Tiffani Thiessen Has Hot Legs and Sexy Cleavage in a Black Dress

Tiffani Thiessen looks gorgeous in her little black dress that is short on her sexy legs and low cut showing off her huge cleavage. She has curvy body and sometimes she allows for a sexy view of her sexy cleavage. Her legs are shapely and is always nice to check out as well, particularly when she has on a pair of sexy high heels, like she does in these photos.

tiffani thiessen legs and cleavagetiffani thiessen legs and cleavage

AnnaLynne McCord Continues Her Leggy Display in High Heels

AnnaLynne McCord shows off her sweet long legs in a low cut little black dress and her typical sky high heels. I am impressed with the tone and fitness of her legs. It is obvious she takes care of her sexy body. She is a slim lass but she is fit and has plenty of muscle tone. If she lost 3 pounds she might appear emaciated but as it is she looks fit and slim. Anyway I think she has hot legs in high heels.

AnnaLynne McCord has sexy legs in high heelsAnnaLynne McCord has sexy legs in high heels

Sharon Stone Crosses Her Sexy Legs in High Heels

I seek out hot babes in high heels wherever they might be. It may be on the red carpet. Maybe in a stylish photoset. I like women in high heels and I love the legs they are strapped to. It’s not so much the shoes as much as what they do to a woman’s legs…and it’s all positive. I don’t care if the woman is young or old. If they are mounted on a some nice high heels then they will grab my attention. Take these photos of Sharon Stone. Not exactly my favorite actress but she has great legs in high heels. If she was a normal person I would certainly notice her sitting at a cafe with her gorgeous legs crossed. But she is Sharon Stone and she looks attractive in her cleavage enhancing short blue dress and strappy high heel sandals.

Sharon Stone crosses her sexy legs in high heelsSharon Stone crosses her sexy legs in high heels

Salma Hayek Has Massive Cleavage and Sexy Legs in a Purple Dress and High Heels

Salma Hayek shows off her voluptuous body as she makes an appearance at The Late Show earlier this week. Guess she has a movie out but I’m really only interested in her hot legs in high heels and big boobs.

salma hayeksalma hayeksalma hayeksalma hayek

Salma Hayek Shows off Her Cleavage and Sexy Legs in a Plunging Dress and High Heels

Salma Hayek is a stylish woman. She hasn’t let herself go even after getting herself attached to some money man. She has a great body and perfect breasts which are on cleavage display in a plunging dress. She also has gorgeous legs which can be overlooked since she gets most of the atttention to her chest. She tends to wear high heels and they do a good job of accentuating her hot legs. She is seen here at the Gucci Vanity Fair in Cannes party.

Salma Hayek Gucci Vanity Fair Cannes PartySalma Hayek Gucci Vanity Fair Cannes Party

Marisa Miller Has Gorgeous Legs in Short Shorts and High Heels

Nice to see blonde babe Marisa Miller tooling around the event carpets once again. She is seen here at some Wet Republic event showing off her wonderful cleavage in a flimsy top and push up bra and her sexy legs in short shorts and sexy high heels. It takes a special kind of high heel sandals to wear with shorts and not look slutty. She gets it right with her strappy gladiator leather platform sandals which always look fun and sexy in shorts. This is some good work.

marisa miller sexy legs in high heelsmarisa miller sexy legs in high heels

Kate Walsh Has Great Legs in a Tight Jeans and High Heels

Kate Walsh has a great body. Her legs are long and shapely. She has great curves. Nice boobs. check out her tight jeans. They mold nicely to her lower half. Nice shirt under her jacket. Low cut displaying a sweet amount of cleavage. Call me a fan.

Kate Walsh tight jeans and high heels and sexy legsKate Walsh tight jeans and high heels and sexy legs

Carla Gugino Has Great Legs Wearing a Tight Silk Dress and High Heels

Thought I’d bring an oldy but goody forward. Here is Carla Gugino attending some Louis XIII Black Pearls book party a couple of years ago. She is a favorite. Always decorating that scorching hot body in something sexy. I’m glad the photographers were able to get a shot of her without her jacket on. Her dress is incredible and shows off her very nice cleavage. Her high heels are pretty cool looking too. Straps and zippers on a stiletto heel. Very cool.



Elizabeth Hurley Provides a Hint of Cleavage and a View of Sexy Legs

As far as I’m concerned E;Elizabeth Hurley can do no wrong. She has a gorgeous body. She is a beautiful woman. She has style. She is fashionable. She is wonderfully voluptuous. She has shapely and gorgeous legs. And she tends to always strap herself in sexy high heels. On most women, this green and white, almost camouflage looking number she is wearing, might look awful. I submit that she rocks it. Her celebrity workout seem to be working. Nice amount of cleavage and the length modestly hits the top of her knees. And she is wearing a nice pair of platform high heels that fully accentuate her sexy legs. More please.

Elizabeth Hurley has sexy legs in high heelsElizabeth Hurley has gorgeous legs in high heels

Minka Kelly Has Gorgeous Legs in a Short Dress and High Heels

I think Minka Kelly is a dish. She is very pretty, has a great body and I like the show that she has been on the last few years. She tends to display her cleavage when she hits the red carpet or events. Which is great. She also has nice long and shapely legs that she doesn’t mind displaying either. I don’t regard her as one of the great connoisseurs of sexy high heels but I find her amusing to look at nonetheless.

minka kelly cleavage and legs in high heelsminka kelly cleavage and legs in high heels

Jessica Lowndes Has Great Legs in Low Cut Dress and High Heels

Jessica Lowndes looks sexy in her cleavage baring dress and high heels. She has gorgeous legs that she does a nice job of showing off. They are shapely and have a nice hint of muscle tone. I think she is a cute and sexy girl and though this dress not the most stylish it is nice to see her curves. She is seen here celebrating her 21st birthday at LAVO Nightclub Inside The Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas.