Olivia Munn Stylish and Sexy in a Black and White Striped Outfit and Ankle Strap High Heels

Olivia Munn was out running errands in a sexy little striped outfit with a tight skirt, cropped top and sexy ankle strap high heels. She is a very stylish women and it’s always enjoyable to see what fashionable attire she chooses to wear. She has a fabulous body and great legs that she seems to like showing off in classy yet sexy outfits like this.

 olivia munn  olivia munn



Olivia Munn Showing Off Her Sexy Legs Shopping in a Short Checkered Dress and High Heel Booties

Olivia Munn was photographed juggling book store shopping in a cute little checkered dress with black stocking and stunning sky high heel booties. Her gorgeous legs were on fine display as she presumably showed the world what she was getting her people for Christmas. Paparazzi can suck that way for celebrities and their gift shopping I suppose. Then again maybe she is like the 75% or so who roll out to buy something for their loved ones only to end up buying shit for themselves. Nevertheless she made her typical stylish appearance.

olivia munn olivia munn


Katie Cassidy Long Legs in a Pink Dress at the Teen Choice Awards 2013

Katie Cassidy made an appearance at the Teen Choice Awards showing off her long sexy legs. She is one of the more appealing actresses working on TV these days. She is very stylish and knows how to dress her slim body. Her legs are long and are typically more toned than what these photos show. They seem skinnier than I like to remember. But she looks as beautiful as usual. The lace pink dress is gorgeous and her Louboutins are sexy. I’m glad the talent is starting to wear zero platform shoes again. The stripper look is getting old. Zero platforms are classy and classic.

katie cassidy katie cassidy

Olivia Munn Stylish in a Pale Blue Dress and Nude Platform High Heels

Olivia Munn looks stylish and classy as she steps out of her hotel in NYC wearing a pretty pale blue sleeveless dress and nude platform high heels. As dorky as this woman seems at times she is one of the most stylish and fashionable women in the cesspool of entertainment. She has a great body and seems to enjoy showing off her sex appeal. Her legs are toned and she does a  nice job of accentuating them in appealing attire and sky high heels.

olivia munn olivia munn

Rachel Bilson Has Long Legs in a Short Skirt and High Heels

I love this promo shot of Rachel Bilson wearing a short black skirt and high heels for her TV show Hart of Dixie. She is a stylish woman who seems to enjoy wearing short attire and towering high heels that show off her long legs. What a great photo.

Sexy Toga Costumes

rachel bilson hart of dixie

Kelly Brook Has Beautiful Legs in Red Leather Shorts and Sexy High Heels

Kelly Brook looks cute and sexy as she poses for some launch of Bulmers Cider Garden. She is wearing a summer outfit with red leather short shorts and checkered Louboutin high heels which display her gorgeous legs nicely. She has a great body and seems to enjoy showing off for the cameras when given a chance. She even gives a proper high heel salute. I think she looks really great in these photos. Love the stylish pumps which really accentuate her sexy legs and goes well with the rest of her attire. Well done.

Kelly Brook at The Launch Of Bulmers Cider GardenKelly Brook at The Launch Of Bulmers Cider Garden


Geri Haliwell Has Gorgeous Legs in a Blue Mini Dress and Sexy High Heels

Geri Haliwell squeezed her tight body into an even tighter little blue dress. The dress is short and shows of her gorgeous legs which are further accentuated by a pair of sexy high heels. This woman continues to look good and it’s obvious she keeps herself in shape and fit. She has a great body. This is some good work.

Geri HalliwellGeri HalliwellGeri HalliwellGeri Halliwell

Katie Cassidy Has Beautiful Legs in a Red Dress and High Heels

Katie Cassidy has a sweet slim body. Her gorgeous legs are tight and long. She knows how to dress to impress as she is always in some attire that is tight is and short and she loves her sky high heels which accentuate those gorgeous legs. This is a great looking woman, that is stylish and has beautiful legs in high heels. She looks fantastic in her little red dress and high heels.

katie cassidy red dress high heels grammykatie cassidy red dress high heels grammy

Kristin Cavalleri Has Long Beautiful Legs in High Heels

Kristin Cavalleri has incredibly beautiful legs. They are long and have nice muscle tone. Interesting that her legs are so shapely as I find it hard to believe she gets much exercise done as a smoker. whatever. She looks great in her mini dress and towering high heels. She has great legs.

kristin cavallari kristin cavallari

Evan Rachel Wood Has Crossed Legs in a Short Skirt and High Heels

Evan Rachel Wood is a stylish and sexy woman. She can be a bit odd in her choice of outfits but typically does a good job decorating herself. She is tall and slim and has long sexy legs. She looks gorgeous, despite the stupid tie, with crossed legs in a short skirt and sexy red high heels.

evan rachel wood legs and high heelsevan rachel wood legs and high heels

Lake Bell Has Long Legs in a Short Dress

Lake Bell has a sweet body. Her legs are long and shapely and she does a nice job of choosing sexy outfits to decorate herself. She looks great in her little black dress and high heels. They show off her beautiful legs nicely. She’s been showing up on the red carpets lately for something called Burning Palms. Good for us.

Lake Bell Lake Bell

Yvonne Strahovski Has Beautiful Legs in Sky High Heels

Yvonne Strahovski is a stunningly beautiful actress. She has long sexy legs that are toned and long. Unfortunately you don’t see her much on the red carpet or other events so it can be hard to find photos of her showing off her curvy and fit body. These photos from Pop magazine are amazing. Her beautiful legs are on full display. She is wearing a long dress and leopard print high heels in one and dressy short and classic pumps in the other. This is hot.

yvonne strahovski yvonne strahovski

Stunning Laura Vandervoort Has Gorgeous Legs in High Heels

Laura Vandervoort is smoking hot. To me, this could be the second coming of Charlize Theron. A drop dead gorgeous woman that is stylish with the body of a (healthy) model. She has a slim and tight body with long sexy legs. She is fashionable wearing classy outfits. She steps out on the red carpet posing in a short mini dress and towering high heels that accentuate her hot legs.

Laura Vandervoort sexy legsLaura Vandervoort legs

Kristen Bell Still Has Great Celebrity Legs in High Heels

Kristen Bell promoted her crappy movie ‘”Burlesque” appearing on the red carpet in London a couple of months ago showing off her gorgeous legs in a short dress and stunning high heels. She has perfect toned and fit legs. She is a stylish and fashionable woman who almost always gets her attire right particularly to accentuate her hot legs. I love her purple satin high heel pumps she is wearing too. This is a great job.

kristen bell hot legs in high heels on red carpetkristen bell hot legs in high heels on red carpet