Jennifer Lopez Incredible Legs in a Short Skirt and High Heels on the Way to ‘Idol’

Jennifer Lopez has great legs. Few in entertainment are blessed with, and few probably put in the hard work at having, such incredible legs. She’s stylish and loves to show off her curves and legs in tight and short attire and towering high heels. Other than that I have nothing. I don’t care for her music. I don’t care for her movie projects. I don’t like American Idol. But the woman has an incredible physique and wears great clothes and fabulous shoes. So as long as she insists on parading herself around in front of the cameras and displaying her perfect legs I’ll be taking notice.

jeniffer lopez legs jeniffer lopez legs


Katie Cassidy Long Legs in a Pink Dress at the Teen Choice Awards 2013

Katie Cassidy made an appearance at the Teen Choice Awards showing off her long sexy legs. She is one of the more appealing actresses working on TV these days. She is very stylish and knows how to dress her slim body. Her legs are long and are typically more toned than what these photos show. They seem skinnier than I like to remember. But she looks as beautiful as usual. The lace pink dress is gorgeous and her Louboutins are sexy. I’m glad the talent is starting to wear zero platform shoes again. The stripper look is getting old. Zero platforms are classy and classic.

katie cassidy katie cassidy

Jennifer Morrison Classes Up the Joint at Comic Con

Jennifer Morrison looked amazing as she made an appearance at Comic Con to promote her TV show. I tried watching ‘Once Upon a Time’ a couple of times but couldn’t stick with it. She was constantly dressed in jeans and a red leather jacket so I didn’t really see the point. I should have made a bigger effort as I understand that it is quite entertaining. I would have more interest if her costumes showed off her tight curves and sexy legs on a more consistent basis like this elegant strapless number and classy heels she wore to Comic Con. The woman has sex appeal which she clearly enjoys showing off on the event carpets with plenty of style.

 Jennifer Morrison  Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Lopez Booty and Sexy Legs in a Tight Black Pencil Skirt and High Heels

Jennifer Lopez made an appearance in the sewage drain of America, D.C., to appeal to politicians and money bags for more diversity for Latinos on television. As usual she had her sex appeal on full display wearing a tight black pencil skirt, bronze sparkling blouse and high heels covered in metal spikes. She looked great and her crossed legs were a delight to behold. Unfortunately I’m sure she had something to say which was probably annoying.

jennifer lopez jennifer lopez

Jennifer Lopez in Thigh High Stiletto Boots

Jennifer Lopez was out promoting her latest movie attempt ‘Parker’ wearing a daring leopard-print ensemble and thigh-high Louboutin boots in New York. The woman really knows how to make the most of her appearances wearing sexy and eye-catching attire. Fact is, not many of the Hollyweird elite could pull off this look without looking ridiculous. I understand that Lopez is not keen on people looking at her when she is being served by the little people. Apparently you can’t talk to her or look her directly in the eye. Truly retarded. I don’t understand these people. But some, like Lopez, are rather fun to look at despite being annoying.

jenifer lopez thigh high boots jenifer lopez thigh high boots

Kate Walsh Shows Off Her Toned Legs in a Red Dress and High Heels

Kate Walsh has gorgeous legs. There are few in the entertainment biz that has such toned and fit legs as she does. They are shapely and she always does a nice job of wearing attire that shows them off like her pretty red dress and fabulous high heels. She is a stylish woman. You know, some women do a poor job of fitting their high heels to their feet. Seems so simple but often you’ll see a gap in the heel of the shoe and the actual heel of the foot. Typical of poorly fitted stiletto pumps usually in stilettos that do not have a platform. Anyway, clearly Kate Walsh does not have this problem. She looks fantastic.


kate walsh is leggy in a red dress and high heels kate walsh is leggy in a red dress and high heels

Reese Witherspoon Has Gorgeous Legs in a Short White Summer Dress and Wedge High Heels

Reese Witherspoon shows off her gorgeous legs wearing a simple and short white summer dress and wedge cork high heels as she runs errands around Beverly Hills. She has beautiful legs as they are long and shapely. She keeps them in shape through running and other exercises. She apparently enjoys displaying them as she likes her outfits short and her heels high. I really like cork high heels as well. Wedges aren’t my favorite but these are very stylish and look great with summer attire.

reese witherspoon truck and legsreese witherspoon truck and legsreese witherspoon truck and legsreese witherspoon truck and legs


Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Her Booty and Sexy Legs in a Tight White Dress and High Heels

Jennifer Lopez shows off her curves in a dress that looks to be almost painted on. Her bottom looks incredible from the rear photos and her gorgeous legs are as alluring as ever. Love the towering white stilettos she is wearing which really accentuate her beautiful legs.

jennifer lopez booty legs and heelsjennifer lopez booty legs and heelsjennifer lopez booty legs and heels

Katie Cassidy Shows Off Her Gorgeous Legs in a Short MIni Dress and High Heels

Katie Cassidy has long sexy legs that she seems to enjoy showing off. She is wearing a pretty mini dress that displays plenty of her gorgoeus legs. She also loves her high heels sky high as they accentuate her beautiful legs like these towering platform stilettos show. She looks great as usual.

Katie Cassidy Monte Carlo premiere in mini dress leggy heelsKatie Cassidy Monte Carlo premiere in mini dress leggy heels

Meredith Vieira and Kate Gosselin Show Off Their Gorgeous Legs in High Heels

Meredith Vieira interviews Kate Gosselin on her crappy morning show. This is two women showing off their gorgeous legs in high heels. Both have tight and toned legs that they tend to enjoy showing off in sexy high heels. I care not for either one of these women but they are worth checking out if only for their beautiful legs.

kate gosselin and meredith viera kate gosselin and meredith viera

Emmanuelle Chriqui Has Gorgeous Legs in a Striped Mini Dress and High Heels

Emmanuelle Chriqui is kinda hot. She has a great body and gorgeous legs but she is typically a fashion disaster and sometimes chooses not to show off her curves. Nonetheless, she looks nice in her sexy striped mini dress that shows off her killer curves and her shapely beautiful legs. Digging the high heels too. Great summer strappy sandals with a sky high heel.

Emmanuelle Chriqui sexy legsEmmanuelle Chriqui sexy legs

Amy Adams Has Great Legs in a Casual Dress and Sexy High Heels

Amy Adams is a favorite. She is an amazing talent and incredibly attractive. She has gorgeous legs and is stylish and fashionable. She looks great in her casual blue dress and really cool leather lace up high heels. I really admire how stylish she dresses to run around NYC. Her sexy legs and those cool high heels would definitely be a head turner. Nice work.

Amy Adams legs in sexy high heelsAmy Adams legs in sexy high heels

Jennifer Lopez Gorgeous Legs in Short White Dress and Silver High Heels

Jennifer Lopez looks gorgeous these days. She is consistent in the display of her beautiful legs. She steps out in NY in a simple little white dress and silver high heels showing off her sexy legs. The attire is short giving us a fantastic view of her toned and shapely legs.

jennifer lopez sexy legs in high heels in NYCjennifer lopez sexy legs in high heels in NYC

Fergie Has Beautiful Legs in a Little Black Dress and Sky High Heels

Fergie always looks good. She love the clothes tight and the heels high. And of course this accentuates her gorgeous legs. Her legs are toned and tight and she always wears attire that shows them off nicely. I do wonder what the hell she is doing to her face. She needs to lay off the botox and whatever else she is doing. Whatever. Her body and sexy legs look great. This is some good work.

fergie sexy legs in high heels fergie sexy legs in high heels

Lucy Hale Has Great Cleavage and Sexy Legs in a Mini Dress

Lucy Hale has a great body. She has sexy legs and nice cleavage in a sexy little mini dress and high heels. I don’t know much about this woman but she is definitely very attractive. She is attending some red carpet event at Planet Hollywood looking sexy. The mini dress short and low cut shows off her sexy body. Awesome.

lucy hale legs and cleavage lucy hale legs and cleavage